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  • Own one of a kind, unique wood cover journal designed just for you.
  • Send us your ideas, images or photos and let us create something extraordinary for you, or your loved ones.
  • We can customize the outer covers as well as the paper inserts.

How it works:

STEP 1: Place your order online.

STEP 2: We will contact you to ask about your ideas and designs.

STEP 3: We will design your booklets and email you a mockup.

STEP 4: On approval we manufacture and ship your stunning one-of-a-kind wood cover notebook.

What are the Benefits of Journaling?

Journaling, or keeping a written record of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, can have a number of benefits. Some of the benefits of journaling include:

  1. Improved mental health: Writing about your thoughts and emotions can help you process and better understand them, which can lead to improved mental health and well-being.

  2. Enhanced problem-solving skills: Journaling can help you clarify your thoughts and ideas, which can make it easier to identify and solve problems.

  3. Increased self-awareness: By reflecting on your experiences, you can gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, which can lead to increased self-awareness.

  4. Better stress management: Writing about your stressors can help you identify and cope with them more effectively, leading to better stress management.

  5. Improved communication skills: Journaling can help you develop your writing skills and ability to express your thoughts and feelings, which can improve your communication skills.

  6. Increased creativity: The act of writing can help stimulate your creative process, leading to increased creativity and idea generation.

Overall, journaling can be a powerful tool for self-reflection, self-improvement, and personal growth.

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Custom Wood Cover Journal A5
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