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Welcome to Pimp My Unicorn

Pimp My Unicorn is a South African brand, and a family run business. Focusing on unique woodcrafted items, apparel and aromatherapy jewelry.

The business started out of a need for an income due to lack of stable job opportunities. After trying various ideas and products, our small team of parents and son, soon fell back on our creative and designing skills. 

First attempts at creating unique wooden products, was that the materials used weren’t eco-friendly. So after trail and error, the company started using MDF recycled wood to create it’s range of quirky booklets and gifts.

One of their unique offerings, is that they can custom print any image on their keepsake booklets. 

Why Choose Us

Making memories is what Pimp My Unicorn is about, and our range of unique journals and gifts are bound to bring joy and mindfulness to our customers.

Aroma Jewelry for better mental health

Close to the our hearts are also mental health issues, which we all have stuggled with, at one time or another. So after some research new products were added to help people use essential oils to cope with depression and anxiety symptoms. A wide range of Aromatherapy jewelry and oils is available from the store. We hope that with continued and planned use, these stunning pieces will bring some comfort to people suffering to cope mentally and emotionally with daily stressors.
Horse Diffuser Pendant
Our information

Our web company consists of web programmers and designers with extensive experience in the web market. Each of us worked as hired worker to create templates for Magento, Shopify, Wordpress and others.

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    Shop 7, Amblewood Complex, Sedgefield

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    +27 61 545 5807

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    Monday to friday 09:30 - 16:00 Saturday 09:30 - 12:00

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